1. Users should obey M.A. and U.S laws and the UMASS student code of conduct. Violated toots may be hidden or deleted.
  2. No NSFW
  3. In case a toot follows UMastodon rules but violates other instance rules, UMastodon admin will strive to help resolve the conflict. UMastodon admin has no right to delete such toots but such toots may lead a user to be blocked from other instances.
  4. All moderation efforts must be publicly listed by UMastodon admin team. All affected parties involved in the moderation effort must be notified by the admin team.
  5. If a user is going to graduate, he/she can contact the admin to change the login email to a personal email. But beware such requests can only be made through your umass email.
  6. UMastodon admin team reserve the right to suspend accounts linked to no longer active umass campus emails.
  7. UMastodon supports account deletion and re-registration through UMass email. If you cannot do so, contact the admin.

  8. For any suggestions, contact admin at [email protected] or through private posts.

This is an unofficial UMASS Mastodon instance. Please be sure to check our TOS. For anonymous feedbacks, use links listed in the @admin profile page